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What Is the Link Between Cycling and Shoulder Pain?

As an avid and passionate cyclist, Dr Desmond Ong understands  and some of the commonly seen and experienced injuries and pain points of the sport. Dr Desmond explains why some people experience pain when they first begin cycling, and when it would be best to seek medical advice.  Tell Us a Little Bit About Your […]

Can Cycling Cause Shoulder Impingement?

As a fellow cyclist, Dr Desmond speaks about the relation between shoulder impingement and cycling. Find out how you can take care of shoulder impingement, stay active while giving your body time to recover, and some forms of treatment available.    Can Cycling Cause Shoulder Impingement Yes, cycling can cause shoulder impingement. Cycling is an […]

Treatment Options For Massive Rotator Cuff Tears | PhysioActive Talk

Date and Time: April 30 2021, 12:30pm – 2:00pm Guest Speaker: Dr Desmond Ong, Consultant Orthopaedic/Shoulder Surgeon at Shoulder Elbow Orthopaedic Clinic Dr Desmond Ong joined our partners at PhysioActive to discuss rotator cuff tears and how they are a common cause of shoulder pain. Rotator cuff tears become more common with age and can […]