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Orthopaedic Nurse Specialists Training With Arthrex

At Shoulder Elbow Orthopaedic Group, we understand the honour and responsibility bestowed on us when patients trust us with their health. Our orthopaedic multi-disciplinary team is committed to a shared purpose to ensure the best care for our patients.  Hence it is not only crucial for our orthopaedic surgeons to be equipped with updated surgical […]

How Can I Condition My Shoulder After a Rotator Cuff Injury?

Rotator cuff injuries affect a large number of people every year and most commonly athletes or active hobbyists. Thus, conditioning the shoulder after the damage is extremely important. Shoulder conditioning is another term for physiotherapy and exercise.  The better the conditioning program following the injury, the faster you can expect the injury to heal and […]

Key Hole Surgery

Often when the topic of surgery comes up during the discussion with my patients, the question of how big will my scar be or how many stitches will there be comes up. The pleasant surprise will then commonly be that with current technology, many sports related joint injuries can be treated via small key holes […]

Common sports injuries faced by women

Disclaimer: This article first appeared in Shape Magazine as an Interview with Gleneagles 1. What are some of the most common sports injuries faced by women? Women are increasing involved sports locally and the incidence of sports injury has increased as a result. Common injuries include those affecting the shoulders, elbows, wrists, back, hips, knees, foot […]

ACL Tears in Tennis players

Tennis players did not admit to significant impairment when performing the majority of tennis strokes such as forehand, backhand, volleys, and serves. The major limitation referred to was landing after hitting a smash. This task has often been perceived by ACL deficient subjects as being difficult to carry out with confidence.8 Many players from the […]

Are Ironwomen more prone to Injury?

Women are very quickly becoming the fastest growing segment of endurance athletes. Studies suggest that women utilize less glycogen and more fat than men in long, lower-intensity exercise such as triathlons/ marathons/ pelotons. This makes female athletes particularly well suited for, and may potentially provide an advantage over men in endurance events. Triathletes are vulnerable […]